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emer asked:
I prefer homemade pie dough to the pre-rolled out dough in the grocery stores--who wouldn't? But, alas! I am hopelessly inept at rolling my dough out without it breaking, splitting, or otherwise failing to fit the size of the pie plate. Suggestions?

In order to roll easily, dough needs more water, but more water makes crusts tough. We found the answer in the liquor cabinet: vodka. While gluten (the protein that makes crust tough) forms readily in water, it doesn’t form in ethanol, and vodka is 60 percent water and 40 percent ethanol. In our Foolproof Pie Dough recipe, we add 8 tablespoons of vodka to produce a moist, easy-to-roll dough that stays tender and flaky. It also contains no alcohol flavor, since the alcohol vaporizes in the oven. You can read more about our Foolproof Pie Dough recipe here, and get the recipe here

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