Tying a Roast

In order to ensure that a roast maintains its shape during cooking, it’s important to secure it with butcher’s twine. These are our two favorite knots to use:


1. Double Knot: Cut lengths of twine and space them at one-inch intervals under the meat. Then simply pull them over and tie a double knot. The only problem is that if you tie it too tightly or too loose, you have to cut it off and start over again.


2. Butcher’s Knot: Start by pulling both ends of the string toward you, then pass the loop of the upper string under the lower string and give the loop a half turn towards you. Pass the end of the upper string over the lower string and through the loop. Then pull both sides of the upper string to tighten. Finally, pull the lower string up and down until the knot is secure against the meat. The knot can now easily be adjusted.

Either option will ensure that our recipe for Classic Roast Beef Tenderloin comes out of the oven looking perfect.