French In A Flash

_MG_8173Cook’s Illustrated test cook Lan Lam ignites a skillet of cooked apples and Calvados while preparing a flambéed topping for a recipe for porc à la Normande, a French dish of pork chops or shoulder served with a cream-thickened apple-brandy sauce. For those of you worried about scorching your kitchen, don’t worry: Lan’s making this recipe for research purposes only. Her final recipe, while still delicious, will probably be a lot less explosive! Keep an eye out for it next year in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine! See more behind-the-scenes photos at:

The Chow Mein Event

_MG_5598Cook’s Country test cook Ashley Moore shows executive editor John “Doc” Willoughby the differences between chicken chow mein ordered as “field research” from several different Chinese restaurants located near America’s Test Kitchen headquarters in Brookline, Massachusetts. After a preliminary take-out tasting, Ashley will take notes on what tasters liked about each version and use them to develop a working recipe, which will eventually be honed into our take on this Chinese restaurant standby. Keep an eye out for the results in an upcoming issue of Cook’s Country Magazine! See more behind-the-scenes photos at: