How to Avoid (or Start) Fights with Food Snobs: People who consider themselves foodies can be tricky to talk to about culinary topics. You never know when you might offend them by doing something wrong. editor James Oliver Cury kindly wrote a post for Eatocracyabout common topics that can really set off a gourmand so that you can avoid an altercation (or start one). For example: If you’re looking to avoid a stern telling off, don’t put ketchup on your steak.

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    Here’s one: Don’t say “gourmand” when what you really mean is “gourmet.” And that goes for all of ya!
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    Why did I know that the first thing was going to be mexican? White people: Thinking we know mexican food better than...
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    lol people who shout “you can’t do that!” about food are the worst. It’s my fucking food, unless this ketchup is laced...
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    I wait for the day someone complains to me about whisky mixed with water and/or ice (which I don’t really do anyway but...
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    Or, even better, just cut them off with a quick “Yeah, I don’t care”
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    There are many people out there with more knowledge about food and more skill in preparing food and more open-mindedness...
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