Ice Cream and Politics: A Visual History of the Sweet Relationship: When the news broke that Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, had not only spent $814 on ice cream by May of last year but had also filed a budget request for more money to fund his sweet habit, there was enough public outcry among Israelis that he ended up withdrawing his request. But this world leader isn’t the only one who wants to have his frozen treats and eat them, too. To prove the point, Esquire's “Eat Like A Man” blog has put together a visual history of the love affair that exists between political figures and ice cream. There’s a great photo of Fidel Castro enjoying a cool cone at the Bronx Zoo in the late ’50s, and a few images of Bill and Hillary noshing on some, as well. But we have to call Esquire out for missing this iconic photo of JFK eating ice cream on a sailboat.

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