Is Fried Chicken with Waffles Actually a Southern Dish?: When NPR ran a story about the dangers of a Southern fried diet, citing fatty dishes such as fried chicken with waffles, they weren’t expecting the backlash they received from listeners. Complaints came pouring in, such as “I’m a southerner, and I have never heard of fried chicken on a waffle!” and “I live in the deep, deep, deep South and I’ve never seen [the dish] in any of the ‘soul’ food places I eat.” To get at the heart of the issue, NPR went to John T. Edge, the director of the Southern Foodways Alliance and author of Fried Chicken: An American Story. Edge verified that the dish is, indeed, Southern, but that it’s “once or twice removed from the South…most popular among expatriate, African-American Southerners.” One thing everyone can probably agree on, however, is that the dish is as delicious as it is unhealthy.

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