Interesting and Unusual Jobs: Cheese Sculptor: If you thought ice sculptures were impressive, read this interview on McSweeney’s with cheese sculptor Sarah Kaufmann. Kaufmann spends most of her time carving at supermarkets to promote cheese for the Wisconsin dairy industry, calling it “theater at retail” or “shoppertainment.” She also makes sculptures for weddings, carving the bride and groom on tractors, as leprechauns, and as their college mascots. For her own wedding she carved a skull and crossbones, because the event was pirate-themed. But the cheese-carving veteran’s (she’s been at it for over 17 years) favorite piece of work? The one she made for the Indiana State Fair in August of 2012. It was a dairy cow sitting on a throne, made out of 2.2 tons of cheese. Says Kaufmann, “It was SO cute.”

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    If I was in any way artistic I would beg this woman to let me be her apprentice.
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    Because her own wedding was pirate-themed. Just in case you read that part too quickly.
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    Hey Briana, I think you may want to enlist this gal to make you a skull and cross bones CHEESE sculpture for your...
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