The Case Against Cocktails in Mason Jars: John Kessler, a food blogger for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has a bone to pick with bar owners (and probably hipsters) all over. At the beginning of the month he took to his various social media channels, proclaiming that “If I never get a drink served in a mason jar in 2013, it will be a good year.” He writes about his desire to see the jar craze fade out in a recent blog post, reporting that while quite a few of his followers agreed with him, many did not, including a chef who called him “grumpy.” What do you readers think, should the heavy jars be phased out, or should we all continue to raise a glass to the mighty Mason?

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    Who do these people think they are
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    I know multiple restaurants that have been serving drinks out of mason jars since I could remember, so to me this isn’t...
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    Ohhh. America’s Test Kitchen has a tumblr!
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    Unless it’s a basic summer punch cocktail or a ‘John Daly’, I’m with this guy.
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  6. jessetaylorkoechling said: if it were a pleasing container to drink from i would have no problem with mason jars. they happen to be incredibly displeasing to me.
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    I hate the mason jar trend. It’s so faux-country. No one in the south drinks out of these jars unless they don’t have...
  8. fyuzhn said: Gonna be honest, I didn’t even know this was a thing and I live in hipster friendly Portland. Unless I’m in a nicer establishment, I don’t care much about the glass. Except sippy cups. Can we agree now that won’t become a fad?
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    Mason jars are the best way to be served a drink
  10. ninjaspiratessharkswithlasersomy said: Phased out. Cocktails should be enjoyed in their perspective glass. That’s part of the experience. These aren’t shots or beer bottles - these are refined quaffs.
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  12. digitalkindness said: Who cares what other people drink their booze in? He’s just another journalist that thinks we all care about his opinion on stupid, trivial things.
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    I’d MUCH rather have one in a mason jar than a freakin red cup. If I never get a margarita in a martini glass, champagne...
  14. anindependentguinevere said: I drink water out of recycled jam jars, so if I drank cocktails, I would not have a problem with mason jars.
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    Cocktail glasses were created for a reason, the various shapes and sizes effect the experience in much the same way as...
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