Why on Earth Are There So Many Frozen Yogurt Places in NYC?: How many fro-yo shops can you name? Kim Velsey was hit by a grim, yogurt-overload reality check upon realization that “Pinkberry, a Tasti D-Lite, a Red Mango, a 16 Handles, a Yoqua Bar and a Yogurberry were all within a five to 10 minute walk” while strolling Manhattan streets with a friend (who insisted walking the extra mile to Flavaboom). Time will tell if a neverending fro-yo-pocalypse is upon us.

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    There are three in Harvard Square, and Harvard Square is seriously tiny.
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    Happening in Chicago, too. Enough already.
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    Do not tarnish the good name of frozen yogurt by including Pinkberry amongst its ranks. I’m not always a snob, but when...
  5. istealforksfromrestaurants said: Legally, in California at least, they can’t call it yogurt because it doesn’t meet the level of active cultures in it to be yogurt.
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